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How to play


GUI (Graphic user interface):
down :
-energy bar big (main energy – spends when left mouse button down – self movement of organism)
-energy bars small (saving energy / number of store cells =  number of small energy bars / 1 small green = big one full )

right up:
-pause button (here is menu – continue, next level, restart, options, exit)
-help button (yellow = turned on) – shows help messages (on right side – under buttons and next to them) (different texts are under build button and under resume button)
-name of level

left up:
-build/resume button (you can only see it in white areas – when build is pressed, resume button is shown and celltypes – to learn cell types, play tutorials)


building new cell:
1.left mouse button push down when cursor on cell (cells from organism, not from cell type on left up)
2. drag from cell out – white spot is shown (there will be new cell) / red spot is shown (cell will not be created because there is no space there)
3.release left mouse button (selected cell type is created on white spot)